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Commercial property for office space in Mohali—Are they designing it right?

Most of the commercial office space projects are designed for their leasing goals. For example the real estate owners design the office space for the facilities, space expansion options, energy and power resources, car parking, security, and so on.

Office space is about the efficiency and the performance of the occupants, and the way office space is designed for technical specifications impacts the landlord and tenant relationship for their contract length. In 2021 when there is growing awareness about climate concerns, the tenants pick their business relationships carefully. Sustainable and energy-efficient buildings actually help in achieving a high energy-efficiency performance for everyone who spend time in such buildings.

With the rise of remote work or hybrid work models, the commercial property office space design is changing quickly. The commercial real estate owners should focus on the factors that increase the contract length with their tenants. For example the facility enables the occupants in multiple ways.

  • The space is designed for the space for navigation between workspaces, between departments and sections, and between common areas and other smaller sections or utility areas on the same floor.
  • The facility has the right balance of light and energy. The energy use gives them the confidence that they are committed to low emissions sources.
  • The occupants can see air quality index and if required, the support staff can use the air quality filters to keep the space healthy for everyone.

The contract should have a detailed documented plan for the facility maintenance. It should include the details of periodic audit for all hardware and technological fittings including electrical wires, pumps, elevators, refrigerators, waste disposal system, and so on. Imagine how much it helps the tenants which contributes to their work performance. Ultimately, it builds the relationship that the property owners love.

Office space design in Mohali

There are a number of commercial real estate projects and office space complex coming up in Mohali Aerocity and on the Mohali Airport Road; property owners can help themselves by designing the right facilities.

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