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Tick Property provides advisory and consultancy services to project owners, buyers, and marketplace stakeholders in real estate industry. You can contact us for questions or consultancy in:

  • Mall design, leasing, sales and operations roadmap
  • Retail design, footfall strategy, foodcourt and entertainment design
  • Commercial property investments in Zirakpur, Mohali, and Chandigarh
  • Home buying service in Zirakpur, Mohali, and Chandigarh
Email us at [email protected] or call us at 9814210011. You can also set up a free 30-minutes advisory call via our Calendar.

Walk the talk

We do not sell anything; we advise. We invest in industry best practices and investment trends, the cost involved for the developers and property owners, and the stakes of the property buyers.

Let’s speak and you will realize that we walk the talk.

Tick Property works with you as advisors to ensure that your project is planned well for the right market, for logistics, footfall, operations, and it scales well as it grows for changing business scenarios.

  1. Indian Real Estate Reports
  2. Indian real estate writing
The way we plan our shopping, pay bills, find doctors or consultants, plan entertainment, and hire vendors is changed, thanks to access to technology in our hands. People carry the same habits when they want to search homes or a commercial property, and it is surprising that the Indian real estate project owners and supply […]
  1. Indian real estate writing
Most of the Indian real estate projects sell on the car parking, green zone, club and community center, and of late, EV stations. We do not see any project talking about the sidewalks or the pedestrian infrastructure for the people, whether in housing societies or for the public movement in the commercial real estate projects. […]
  1. Indian real estate writing
Among the real estate growth stories in metros and tier-2 cities in India, a few tier-2 and tier-3 cities including Zirakpur and Mohali have shown equal maturity and demand in commercial and residential real estate. Zirakpur is located on the commercial intersection of Chandigarh, Punjab, and Delhi and opens up a lucarative economic door for […]
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  2. Indian Real Estate Reports
A JLL report on how the cost of construction has increased quarterly in 2021. It is no brainer that it directly impacts on real estate on how the price their products or change the pricing of running projects—commercial real estate and the housing projects. The cement price has increased by 38% since Q1 2020 which […]
  1. Indian real estate writing
While the news around the third wave of Covid are making the real estate think and watch, the revival period in the last few months showed many positive signs. Increased vaccination compliance, and the fact that the service sector was on the upswing in general in Mohali and Zirakpur, it is a good sign for […]
  1. Indian real estate writing
Every year brings new ways of how we plan our work and investments ahead—what we planned in 2021 and what different we might do in 2022. In real estate, home buying or buying a commercial property pose the same interesting challenge. We form opinions from the news in the market, from our friends and neighbors, […]
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