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26 Sep 2020: Financial Express:
The population growth of Zirakpur is 3.5% annually as compared to the nearby regions’ population growth of 2.5%. So there is a huge requirement of real estate in this area. (Read the full story)

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New Home for a New Story

Looking for a new house? A 2BHK or 3BHK in Zirakpur, or an independent house in Chandigarh? See how Tick Property can help you in your life story. 

Flats, Houses, and Plots for Sale

A real estate advertisement does not mean flat for sale or house for sale in Chandigarh. When we claim that we have a 2BHK or a 3BHK for sale in Zirakpur, or a house for sale in Chandigarh, it means we have the ability and the confidence to share your dreams of a house. More than the flat or house itself, it is about what kind of lifestyle you envision, in what locations, for what facilities, and whether it is worth the kind of investment that you are prepared to make.

  • 2 BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK flats for sale in or around Zirakpur and Mohali
  • 10 marla, 14 marla, 1 kanal, house or plot in Chandigarh

Showrooms, Shops, and Booths

Showrooms, Shops for Sale in Zirakpur

We have showrooms for sale in Zirakpur, at multiple locations for different budgets and facilities. All size shops on VIP road, and other locations and different builder projects in Zirakpur, for world-class facilities for your business.

Get ready to move showrooms and start running your business and operations immediately, or invest in upcoming showrooms or shops for assured returns.

Showrooms for Sale in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most sought-after location to invest in commercial real estate whether for big showrooms or for smaller shops and booths. We have showrooms for sale in Chandigarh for retail or for running a commercial business activity of specific type or trade.

Industrial Plots in Mohali, Chandigarh

The Chandigarh and Mohali region gives you plenty of decent and affordable options for industrial parks for specific industrial operations such as for cold storage and warehouse, running corporate operations such as for banking or IT office, retail outlets, FMCG warehouses, agritech or pharmaceutical offices.

Commercial property for best returns in Zirakpur and Mohali: Showrooms, SOHO, office space, retail, food court in Zirakpur. IT park and industrial plots in Mohali, Showrooms in Chandigarh

Tick Property Magnesia Showrooms Commercial Zirakpur
Tick Property Commercial Zirakpur Chandigarh
Tick Property IT Park Industrial Plot Mohali

Malls, Retail Design, and Leasing

We have years of experience of working with malls and huge properties for their leasing strategy, retail design strategy, operations and maintenance roadmap, during all stages of property. We collaborate with retailers for their operations and sales strategy, for their story and online customer experience goals, for right positioning for the footfall, and for scaleability for their specific audiences and market.

We work with real estate corporate and with independent vendors, as advisors during the entire real estate transaction cycle, right from evaluation of proposals, to execution. For developers and project owners, we work with them to understand the inventory, project strategy, and plan result-oriented sales funnels that scale and grow.

Get Ceiling

Tick Property brings you a thriving marketplace where the real estate industry experts offer direct one-on-one phone call advice on anything whether on the commercial project feasibility, retail mall design, footfall strategy, leasing or sales funnel, housing project marketing, mortgage, legal and compliance, land acquisition, or for all property buying decisions. Get Ceiling for more details and watch out for this space for when we launch it.

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