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A growing collection of unique and original real estate quotes and statements that apply to any real estate decision, transaction, or proposal, anywhere, for any type of property. These have nothing to do with real estate in Zirakpur and Mohali.

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The marriage of ‘private’ and ‘public’. Privacy by design and openness for the community.

Amazing flats ‘designed for this marriage’. Be private by choice and public by need—in Zirakpur and Mohali.

Archit Garg, Tick Property

“When you were traveling by a train, what you were thinking a minute before you reached the station? Getting off? You were not responsible for the train. Buying a new property is same. Get off the decision train, and call us.”

Archit garg, tick property

WhatsApp status? “My status is my portfolio. My portfolio is my status. I did not know it till I bought a property.” said a property buyer.

Archit Garg, Tick Property

Rains. And our dreams of an evening team in that balcony. With the partner, parents, or with significant others. When you buy a new home, you buy all such evenings. Call us—we are waiting in that balcony.

Archit garg, tick property

Once there was a queen. She made a wise decision. The rest is history. We have many such stories in Mohali and Zirakpur. Invest for the ROI.

Archit Garg, Tick Property

When you buy a flat in Medallion, or Marbella Grand, Sushma Belleza, Noble Callista, Falcon View, Joynest, or anywhere on airport road Zirakpur and Mohali, it becomes a part of your personal resume. We design it in your resume.

The biggest slip in a real estate buying decision—Let me think about it. Those ten seconds can be the difference. Waiting for your call.

Archit Garg, Tick Property

You buy a plot and it becomes a plot in your movie. You are writing the script but there is always a right time. The right time to buy a property in Mohali and Zirakpur is today—call us now.

Archit Garg, Tick Property

A walk to remember on that road. A Sunday to remember for the cheese toast. A call to remember for the 12% return. Pre-lauch offers are like that walk on Sunday morning for the toast. Walk with us, call now.

Archit Garg, Tick Property

Your first 5 words: Size, location, floor, cost, parking.

Next 5 words: Lift, power backup, balcony, park, sunlight.

Actual: Movement of elders and kids, energy saving, neighbourhood, public transport, cycle-friendly.

Archit Garg, Tick Property

Committed is a relationship status. Our relationship with our property is as important, sometimes even longer. Are you looking for such a property commitment in Zirakpur and Mohali.

Archit Garg, Tick Property

Are you in the Elante Mall Chandigarh, today? If yes, make a list of three things that you want to buy but cannot afford these.

Now think of one investment that makes these affordable in 12 months. Do it in commercial property—Zirakpur and Mohali.

As a kid, I was once surprised to see fifty rupees in my jacket that I had left in its pocket in the previous year. Such a bonus, out of the blue.

Commercial property investment is different. You buy today and forget it, it will surprise you much more in the future because the value multiplies. Be that kid.

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