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About Tick Property

Tick Property provides real estate advisory and consultancy services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties, in and around Chandigarh. We validate the property proposals for your preferences, budgets, constraints, and for your present and future needs to ensure that you make right buying decisions.

We work closely with project owners for their commercial and retail products for project analysis, design, operations, leasing, and maintenance and sales strategy

Our Approach

In last many years, we have worked with property owners of all scale and size including huge retail malls and residential projects. Our goal is to share right information with right people at the right time, so that the buyers make informed decisions for the transaction. While working with corporate project owners, we invest in data-driven insights to plan projects that actually sell and scale with time.

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About Tick Property, Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Mohali Real Estate


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