About us

Tick Property is an independent real estate services consultancy. We work as industry advisors and consultants on strategy, roadmap, and operational walk throughs with real estate corporates and the companies who work in infrastructure, retail, construction, with the real estate vendors and partners, and operators on commercial property and residential projects in Zirakpur, Mohali, and Chandigarh region.

Our thought process

Tick Property believes in creating the right opportunities for businesses at the right time for their business ROI goals, for technology driven infrastructure and real estate projects that are sustainable, compliant, and that fulfil the promise to their buyers and the entire supply chain.

We bring sustainability into commercial property projects and the residential home designing experiences that help the basic goal of how city grows or plans to grow for its future.

We have experience of working with international size malls on their mall design strategy where retail is the key driver of their success. Please see our mall design consultancy services for more details.

How we work

  • Unlock the project potential for the business
  • Design the project team for size, capabilities, and KPIs
  • Align footfall-centricity, business-centricity, and citizens-experience-centricity


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Mall Leasing Consultancy

We provide leasing consultancy services for your entire property for anchor tenants, zoning, market research for demographics and design strategy, and for approvals and compliance with all third party vendors and government.

We have consulted successfully for hypermarkets, anchor stores, multiplex, food courts, luxury retail, facilities, and other key segments within a mall.

Tick Property works with you as advisors to ensure that your project is planned well for the right market, for logistics, footfall, operations, and it scales well as it grows for changing business scenarios.

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