If 2020 was a forgettable year for commercial office space owners because the offices were closed because of the pandemic, the sudden acceptance and growth of co-working spaces and office design trends even for remote work has been a blessing a disguise for the same owners. Those who could change their business model for pricing and sales quickly enough, and worked on their operations models for facilities and basic amenities, they are reaping the rewards like never before.

As noticed in Chandigarh and Mohali offices, the real estate owners and the entire supply chain including their consultants, vendors, and agencies had a tough time in 2020. Looking at the trends in remote working particularly by the recent studies by Microsoft and Gartner, the hybrid model is seems to be the future.

Real estate projects for office space design

It is a great opportunity for the real estate owners to plan and design office space that respond to this challenges in remote work and in hybrid models, for access and security, utilities, navigation in the buildings, privacy, community building, wellness areas, pet-friendly zones, and for some recreational activities.

They need to study the frequency of office visitors by the tenants, and by their guests and visitors—whether they need the space daily, weekly, or monthly. It helps them design the space, the common areas, the parking, and other facilities accordingly, and the entire business model depends on these numbers. The way offices are designed at present, either there is a lot of waste for the hybrid model, or they might fall short of space and amenities.

The commercial real estate owners need to find the right partners in technology, architecture, and agencies in research to get their plans working for the future of work. Rather than designing cubical or open workstations, and a couple of conference rooms—they should focus on designing the hybrid work model systems for the right working experience.

Technology partnerships

Imagine if the tenants can order the food online, and they can check parking slots for the visitors, and even book or share their conference rooms in shared calendars.

This makes their working a lot more efficient and rewarding. The commercial property owners who want to invest in office spaces for their investment goals should grab this opportunity and design the technology-driven office space by selecting the right technology partners.

Mohali Airport Road commercial real estate can go only up

The entire region in Mohali Aerocity and many other commercial property zones on the Mohali Airport Road are a great opportunity for the regional real estate investors. With smart research into the audience and their needs, they can find the right mix of tenants with different budgets and different sets of office space requirements.

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