CBRE has identified six emerging technologies that are significantly impacting the real estate whether in strategy, technology and workflow, operations, data and research, and for conversions strategy.

Imagine how technology is changing people’s work and life whether they are at home or at work—their shopping, financial planning, leisure time, social and community, and all the aspects of their life. The way they shortlist and then evaluate property is closely related with their technology habits.

At the same time, look at how so many organizations in healthcare, education, finance, and in engineering, or even the governments are using data-driven technology systems to streamline their operations, for faster turnaround time, and for their branding and marketing. Considering the investments and the stakes involved in real estate, we are already late to accept Proptech and embrace technology more positively in our strategy and operations.

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Smart buildings powered with IoT and smart biometrics for security, compliance for climate and sustainability, voice technology that we see in vehicles, thermal sensors for a personalized experience for health and wellness for specific segments in the audience—there are endless use cases where technology can enable real estate for more results, and for more effective customer experience.

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