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Commercial Vs Residential Real Estate Investing

Looking at the real estate growth in Mohali Aerocity and on the entire Mohali Airport Road, sometimes we wonder how the investors decide whether they should invest in commercial property or in the residential real estate.

How do they see the property as an investment—short-term returns, or long-term investment, and how do they plan for risks? For example, the demographics and the cost of living index in the city and some data about the people in that specific region might play a role in the decision.

“The advantage of commercial property is that the rents tend to be steadier and lease terms are typically more concrete and long-standing, which means tenants are almost always available.”

A Forbes India story (source)

Forbes India published this story where the authors share some insights on how investors make their investment decisions—”Commercial properties tend to return more gross revenue with less work. Residential properties offer better returns in most areas of the country and they don’t require a significant outlay of capital since there is no mortgage and tenants don’t incur any interest costs.”

If you are planning in real estate investment for the ROI, do a comparative analysis of what exactly is your goal of investment, the risk taking capacity, and the investment and project maturity trends in the region in the recent past. If you need any consultancy services, contact Tick Property anytime.

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