The Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment (the Commitment) recognises the efforts and actions taken by different for-profit businesses in real estate, construction, and infrastructure, the city administration, and related bodies and departments in tackling the increasing carbon emissions from the construction sector.

The entire real estate industry and the leaders in the supply chain including the investors and stakeholders have realized that building and construction are on the center stage for its role in climate concerns, worldwide. The Real Estate Climate Value-at-Risk (Climate VaR) model from MSCI shares some insights and details about the impact of physical risks on different types of real estate assets.

On 05 October 2021, a panel of real estate and climate technology experts will discuss the real estate project owners and leaders’ plans and actions to reduce carbon footprints. You have a chance to discuss it with Conor Flynn, CEO of Kimco Realty, Ryan Morris, CEO of Turntide Technologies, and Greg Smithies, Head of Climate Tech at Fifth Wall. The event is brought to you by Green Street Advisors, and you can register for the event here.

The key focus will be on:

  • The net-zero movement’s implications for real estate
  • Practical solutions for real estate owners
  • The potential impact of technological innovation
The net-zero focus is on Real Estate—By Green Street Advisors, as posted by Tick Property Mohali.

RMI India has a great reference for India’s building sector for their climate commitments. It is a great opportunity for the local real estate builders and investors in Mohali and Zirakpur, to gain insights into net-zero real estate goals, and how they can work on their strategy and project operations to comply with these standards.

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