About Tick Property Your Strategic Consultants for Real Estate Investments

For many of you, to buy or to sell a property can be a lifetime decision. You have all the right to do analysis and have right awareness of different factors that impact your property transaction decision.

Sometimes, these can a life-changing decisions too.

If You Plan to Buy: We help you put a tick mark for your right decision, at the right time. Of course, our digital presence (this website or otherwise) do not intend to influence your property decision, we provide you right options so that you have a choice of buying something for your requirements, and for your budget.

If You Plan to Sell: Likewise if you plan to sell something, submit your property with minimum details and we shall contact you before publishing it live on our website.

About Tick Property

Tick Property provides real estate consultancy services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects, in and around Chandigarh. We work with trusted vendors or organizations, considering that often such projects have high stakes for timeline (because of cost and the impact on community involved). So, right planning, awareness and education on latest trends and property pricing are so important for capital intensive projects.

We partner with projects for:

  • Project Analysis and Advisory: Business ROI, Technical feasibility, bottlenecks, budgeting
  • Project Execution: Compliance and approvals, risk plans, roadmap, vendors, project tracking system, project team management, operations research, audits, documentation
  • Maintenance Advisory: Project sign off, seamless handover to internal teams, training, and setup operations and audit processes

Write to us if you are seeking a Real Estate Consultant for your project.

REACH 2018: A Real Estate Conference, Chandigarh

A Real Estate Conference Chandigarh REACH 2018

Welcome to REACH 2018


The Government of India has enacted the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016. Some sections of the Act were enforced with effect from 01/05/2016 and the rest of the Act came into force from 01/05/2017. Under the Act, all the States have to appoint a Real Estate Regulatory Authority to carry out the purposes of the Act.

See List of RERA Registered Real Estate Projects (Punjab)
See List of RERA Registered Real Estate Projects (Haryana)


Some of the pictures of some properties are not real, and are taken from Unsplash. Please use your own judgment when you see a property for its pictures, or call us if you have any questions. Also, please see RERA and Terms of Use for some information on RERA and for your privacy notes.