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Retail Design Consultancy

We provide retail design consultancy services that involves everything in the strategy and planning that invites people, gives them the right branded experience for their shopping goals, and maintains consistency in the footfall that helps the businesses, the mall owners, and to the consumers. 

Retail design is not limited to the operating store only. Why the consumers take interest in retail stores in specific property or a region depends on a lot of factors including the access, the parking space, other facilities such as for food and entertainment, spacious lifts, and related amenities.

Tick property has a mature and flexible retail design consultancy services framework where we work with you on the retail business viability, retail operational challenges, logistics, facade, and the footfall strategy. 

We have experience of working with international size malls on their mall design strategy where retail is the key driver of their success. Please see our mall design consultancy services for more details.


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Our Retail Design and Strategy Services

Retail is everywhere today, at airports, in residential complex, and in other leisure and hospitality facilities. Tick Property works with industry leaders and advisors in retail, real estate and infrastructure development, to have research-based approach for retail design projects.

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