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Whether you are interested in a HOME of your dreams, or you want to invest in some business for commercial interests, see different options below and we can give you a walk-through to the real project site.

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Tick Property Zirakpur Projects Maya Garden Magnesia

Maya Garden Magnesia

Maya Garden Magnesia is your ultimate business gateway!
Invest in a result-oriented and ROI driven business model. See the location. For retail, commercial offices, executive suites, spacious public spaces, food courts. It rains luxury, and rewards. The Experience promises to be Grand.

MK Technology Park

MK Technology Park is a model Industrial Park that has been developed right at the gateway of Mohali. This is an approved Mega Project developed in 56.50 Acres, inviting MNCs with Rental Cost Cutting Objective, IT companies, Hypermarkets, Biotech & Advanced Research, Specialized Cold Storage, FMCG, and other manufacturing corporates.

Tick Property Zirakpur Sushma Infinium Projects

Sushma Infinium, Zirakpur

A commercial space with excellent connectivity and customized environment for your needs for IT company, food court, showroom, restaurant. A fully functional and professional workplace in a wide selection of flexible payment plans and the opportunity to reap high returns on your investments.


Sushma Crescent

A home where you can form a bond of love to keep our soulmates safe and sound, a happy place where health and abundance abound. With options of 2, 3 & 4 BHK Apartments, see it to believe it for the kind of life you can have in Crescent.

For your commercial and business interests and goals!

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