Magnesia Zirakpur - The Gateway to Commercial Hub Showrooms. SOHO. Office Space. Grand Bazaar. Executive Suites. Food Court.

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Maya Garden Magnesia

Lifestyle Retail & Commercial Hub in Zirakpur

Retail in Showrooms, Soho, Grand Bazaar, Commercial Offices, Executive Suites, Office Spaces, Food Courts. Invest in a result-oriented and ROI driven business model. See the location. It rains luxury. And a grand experience

Retail: Showrooms

Maya Garden Magnesia Zirakpur Retail Showrooms

Maya Garden Magnesia Retail has four levels of shopping experience that demonstrates a refreshing approach to setting up business in a contemporary yet stylish commercial environment. The retail stack also interconnects with the skybridges to all the commercial phases.

Retail: Hyper Market

Magnesia Zirakpur Retail Hypermarket

A super store with a dedicated floor space of a whopping 30,000 to 40000 square feet, it is guaranteed to attract major footfall and walk-ins. It is specially designed to ensure a high ROI and capital appreciation in the long run.

Retail: Grand Bazaar

Magnesia Zirapkur Retail Grandbazaar Commercial ROI

True to its nomenclature, the bazaar on the 4th Floor is truly grandiose with central air-conditioning and seamless connectivity. It is created as a special zone to handle high walk-ins, ideal for Mobile and Women’s accessories – perfect for quick selling with the traditional bazaar feel!

Executive Suites

Magnesia Zirakpur Commercial Executire Suites Business ROI

Express your point of view in your personal space. Our serviced residence interior design palette is kept minimal to allow for your own touch of personalization. The perfect balance of function and aesthetics guarantees you the perfect living experience for years to come.

Office Space

Tick Property Magnesia Zirakpur Office Space

Designed for optimum resourcefulness and performance, these statement offices take ‘office work’ to an all-new level of functionality. High tech infrastructural facilities have been meticulously planned to ensure functionality and excellence in business.

Food Court

Magnesia Zirakpur Food Court Restaurant Investment

Designed for variety followed by quick and speedy service, the food court also boasts of great social ambiance. With the Grand Bazaar at the same level,it is an ultimate gastronomic delight for every Foodie and Shopper!

For a visit to the Magnesia Zirakpur site or for a virtual tour to the project, share your name and contact details, for a call back!

Your investment is about a lifetime experience for your customers and audiences.

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